Our Large Boxy Trailer Graphics for Your Brand Implementation

Make the most of our big and boxy trailer graphics in NYC and Long Island NY by integrating your brand logo, designs, colors and imagery on the big, flat and open sides of your company’s trailer. At Signage2k, our graphic designers work by consulting with you to understand your brand implementation strategy. Thereafter, we install our cargo trailer graphics to transform your commercial fleet into a cost-effective mobile billboard.

We use high quality 3M controltac vinyl graphics to give the perfect brand engagement that you have been craving for. Our designers and craftsmen ensure that your commercial fleet displays eye-catching trailer wrap graphics, logos, product and promotion oriented information of any kind.

Why Our Trailer Graphics?

  1. Using our custom trailer graphics, you would get the perfect representation of your business and products.
  2. Our graphics and designs are of the best quality as it incorporates brilliant images, vivid colors, clear message, and website address and phone numbers in large, visible fonts. This makes contacting your business (by your potential customers) easy and uncomplicated.
  3. Our trained installers ensure that all your trailer vinyl graphics and lettering are perfectly installed and have a balanced look for creating thousands of impressions on the go!

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