Opt for Our Larger Than Life Food Truck Graphics in NYC

Do you own a single truck or multiple trucks delivering food products? Trucks delivering food items not only quench the hunger pangs of people but also serve as a powerful marketing tool to promote your new eatables, snacks and beverages. So, if you want to promote your food products without spending a fortune, Signage2k’s larger than life food truck graphics in NYC and Long Island NY are perfect for your advertising needs.

All our graphic designers and craftsmen are successfully trained to cut, design, print, and install custom food truck graphics to captivate the attention of passersby and other commuters. Our larger than life food graphics and images get noticed and create thousands of impressions a day when your commercial fleet is speeding down the roads.

Why Clients Trust Our Food Truck Graphics?

  1. We use bright and colorful 3M vinyl food truck graphics that metamorphose your ordinary food truck into a dynamic billboard cruising down the streets of NYC.
  2. Our custom food truck graphics and wraps are perfect for new product launches, festive seasons, new store inaugural or any other event that attracts huge crowds.
  3. All our food truck graphics are resistant to color fading, scratches and lamination peeling.
  4. Our vinyl graphics and wraps for food trucks spread your business message on the go.

Call us or visit our website if you want your food products to get popular and attract people’s attention, bringing them closer to your food store!