Our Vehicle Magnetic Signs in NYC

When it comes to our vehicle magnetic signs in NYC and Long Island NY, they are mostly used to advertise landscaping trucks, daycare vans, food delivery vans, vehicles used for events (like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries), and more.

Our magnetic signs for vehicles deliver a powerful brand message and that too at an inexpensive price. At Signage2k, our design specialists will first understand the layout and measurement of your vehicle to create custom magnetic vehicle signs required for your branding purpose.

Our years of experience in different kinds of vehicle graphics and lettering make us the expert in the field. With us, you get complete advice and guidance when it comes to font, color and design selection for your magnetic vehicle signs.

Whether it is your magnetic signs for cars or magnetic truck signs, we recommend that you round the corners of your magnetic signs. This is essential to protect the corners from damage or peeling up on the road.

What Makes Our Vehicle Magnet Signs Different?

  1. As far as our vehicle or car magnet signs are concerned, we design driver’s side, rear side or passenger’s side signs. However, we recommend rear side signs for maximum visibility.
  2. We also design reflective magnetic signs for vehicles for use during the night. The reflective material used makes your business’s logo, contact details and message glow even in the dark.
  3. Made from durable materials and resistant to heat, rain, snow and other harsh conditions.
  4. Best quality print
  5. Choose from an array of fonts, colors, shapes and sizes.

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