Our Window Tint Wraps in NYC

Signage2k based out of NYC and Long Island NY is the leading name when it comes to quality window tint wraps in NYC. We have more than 30 years of experience in providing window tints for cars and their professional installation. All our window tint films are computer cut before they are applied to your car window. Our professional installers do not use sharp objects when installing window tints, thus averting accidental cuts or scratching of your car glass.

Our precut window tints wraps not only protect your car but also make your vehicle look smart, reduce glare, reduce heat, and add additional layers of safety.

Before you buy window tint wraps from us, our window tinting experts will talk and consult with you about your exact specifications and requirements. We promise flawless installation with no peeling, no fading and no bubbles.

Our Window Tint Wrap Benefits

  1. Get numerous shades of window tints for cars. We have products for every budget.
  2. Reduces overheating; our tint film wraps lessen heat up to a maximum of 63%.
  3. Blocks UV rays
  4. Reduces glare leading to safe driving
  5. Protection from accidents as our window tint wraps have the ability to hold shattered glass
  6. No fading
  7. Maximum visual acuity
  8. No signal interruption with regard to GPS or Radi

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