Our Smoked Tint Wraps are Stylish & Offer More Protection

At Signage2k, you get smoked tint wraps in NYC making your car look stylish and offer more protection. Our smoked tint car wraps can be easily applied to your vehicle’s headlight, fog light and taillight. When it comes to our smoked tint wraps, they can also be applied to any light having lens. Our headlight tint films offer maximum light transparency as well as more protection to the lens.

With us, you get tail light tint films made from strong, thick and flexible tinting films. They also come with a powerful optically clear adhesive and can be easily applied to your car lights.

You can choose from medium smoke, dark smoke or light smoke headlight tint wraps that can be applied and removed whenever you want without damaging your car lights. Once they are installed, they are completely safe for car wash.

Why Our Smoked Tint Wraps are Different?

  1. Our smoked tint wraps for cars have been meticulously designed to offer additional protection from stones and other damaging elements.
  2. All our products have a new factory installed appearance and last for several years.
  3. Get smoked tint car wraps that can be applied to headlights, turn signals, taillights, fog light and more.
  4. Gives your car an upscale, stylish and custom look without creating a dent in your wallet.
  5. Easier to use and apply. Simply apply and trim the excess film.

Call us or visit our website if you want smoked tint wraps for your car at the fraction of a cost.