Signage2k Smart Car Graphics are Great Conversation Starters!

When it comes to smart cars, they are the most grandiose and flamboyant of all vehicles to put a wrap on. And, with Signage2k’s smart car wraps, it’s sure to start a conversation when heads turn towards the flashiest designs and digital graphics on cars cruising the roads! Our talented graphic artists and professional installers have the fire in them to create artistic wraps with sporty and sleek designs serving as an eye-candy to grab the attention of your potential customers.

Smart Car Graphics Designed & Wrapped By Signage2k NY

At Signage2k, we specialize in creating the flashiest vehicle graphics, be it your personal sports coupe or a commercial vehicle. Our custom smart car wraps are so lively that it will make your coupe appear as if moving, even when it is standstill. Our seasoned designers are adept in the art of creating a full color smart car wrap, and graphics on smart car that are loud and colorful enough to draw attention quickly.

We are located in New York (NY), but we also serve other areas such as New Jersey (NJ) and Pennsylvania (PA).

We Offer a Myriad of Designs

Be it your company car wraps or for your personal sports coupe, we offer a myriad of full wrap and partial wrap designs to suit your business and personal needs. We recommend the use of 3M IJ-180 for complete wrapping. Our range of designs ranges from billiard balls to confetti swirls and blue camouflage that are easy to remove and does not damage the original paint of your vehicle. In case, you are not satisfied with our designs, our team of graphic designers will work with you to create custom-made graphics to transform your fleet into a rolling billboard, advertising your products on the go!

Our Smart Car Decals for Personal Coupes

If you are an owner of a smart car and want to install 3M controltac vinyl sheets, get in touch with our team. You can rely our quick and fast service and eco-friendly printing technology. You can give a name to your personal vehicle, add some of your favorite comic characters, or choose a completely custom design. We will be delighted to help and install the graphics for just you!

Our Wrapping Service for Commercial Vehicles

Smart cars are also perfect for your long-term and short-term advertising needs. That’s because its shape, big flat sides and large rear screen are perfect for incorporating any kind of design. So, if you want to transform your commercial fleet into a bespoke marketing tool with perfect lamination, Signage2k is the name.

Add your company’s logo, brand message, and color scheme onto the unused space of your smart car. Our fleet wraps NY and fleet branding services will take your brand’s image to the next level!

So, if you are looking for car advertising in New York to promote your company and products in creative and eye-catching ways, get in touch with us!