Our Racing Stripe Decals to Make Your Car Look More Sporty

Signage2k is the one one-stop shop for an all-encompassing range of racing stripe wraps in NYC to improve the look of your car, giving it a reckless sporty look! Our vinyl racing stripes can be simple and minimalist or extraordinary and detailed. With us, you would even get girly racing stripes for cars that are much demanded by ladies who like to make their car look stunning when cruising down the roads.

You can choose from monochromatic or colored vinyl racing stripes. Our racing stripe decals can be applied on your car’s hood or on the sides. You can also choose to install them in the boot or the middle of the bonnet.

With us, you get the liberty to choose pre-designed stripes or work in consultation with our racing stripe experts to decide on a design that you like.

Why Choose Our Racing Stripes?

  1. Our racing stripes are available in all sizes, shapes and colors. Choose from discrete, thin, masculine or bold racing stripes that help in the smart transformation of your car.
  2. Our racing stripes for cars are versatile and suit the moods of a hunting car with camouflage stripes or a vehicle owned by a cross-country traveler looking for RV stripes.
  3. With us, you get exactly what you need and that too at an unbeatable price and fast turnaround times.
  4. Our car racing stripe decals will metamorphose your ordinary car to something newer, sporty, energetic and spectacular.
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