Our Metallic Finish Car Wraps for a Great Finish!

When it comes to our metallic finish car wraps in NYC, we offer a wide range of colors including red, black, white, gold, blue, and more. At Signage2k, you get metallic finish wraps for cars with super finish, glossy colors, and UV color fade resistant materials.

You can add a splash of attitude to your coveted vehicle with our best quality 3M metallic car wraps. We can boast of a range of styles from charcoal metallic finish to dark gray metallic finish. You can make heads turn when cruising down the roads with our metallic finish wraps with gloss black details on your car roof, grills or wing mirrors, making your wrap standout when sliding through the night with style and grace.

Our team of vehicle wrappers will help you choose from standard to custom metallic finish wraps. We will also help you match the finishes with our 3M wrap materials to style your car the right way.
Our metallic finish car wraps not only metamorphose your vehicle into a one-off piece of artwork, but also help with your brand implementation strategy.

Why Choose Our Metallic Finish Car Wraps?

  1. Our metallic wraps for cars not only look great but also protect the original paint by lessening its exposure to dirt, dust, debris, heat and other damaging elements.
  2. Our designers give your car an unbeatable gloss with our super quality 3M car wrap films.
  3. Get a splash of colors including blue, red, silver, gloss black, titanium and more.

Call us if you are looking for unbeatable metallic finish car wraps at cost-effective rates in NYC.