Our Gloss Car Wraps in NYC

Do want to change the color of your luxurious and coveted car? Looking for a paint-like finish for a fraction of the cost of an original paint job? If yes, then our gloss car

wraps in NYC and Long Island NY is the perfect choice for you! We use top quality 3M vehicle wrapping materials that are available in an extensive range of gloss finishes from elegant gloss white car wraps to bolder gloss red, elegant black and even gloss burnt orange!

With us, you get the best quality vinyl glass car wraps improving the look of your car and giving it an inimitable look without spending much. Our gloss car wrap products are fully removable, implying that you can restore the original color of your vehicle whenever you want.

Get a Paint-like Finish Minus the Cost!

Do you love change and get bored after a short while? You like to drive a car and want to fall in love with it over and over again? If your answer to these questions is yes, you need to restyle your car with our gloss car wraps in a fast, cost-effective and convenient way without having to re-spray with an expensive coat of paint.

Call our vehicle wrappers or visit our website to choose from a range of gloss car finishes from the simple to the extraordinary!