Add Style and Attitude to Your Car with Our Eye-catching Chrome Wraps

Are you looking for an easygoing yet indulgent way to give your car an upscale look? If yes, then our chrome wrap in NYC is what you need. This is a modern trend embraced by all car aficionados owning all sorts of luxurious cars. At Signage2k, operating from NYC and Long Island NY, you get gold and silver chrome wraps that are most coveted. However, you can also order other colors of your choice.

Our chrome car wrap experts work painstakingly to ensure that the final product looks perfect on your car and appear stunning when cruising down the roads.

Why Our Chrome Wraps are One-off?

  • When it comes to mirrored chrome vinyl wrap, it is one of the challenging materials to work with when wrapping a vehicle. All our car wrapping specialists have mastered the technique of wrapping your car with mirrored vinyl chrome.
  • We use up-to-the-minute techniques to make the car chrome wrap application process easier.
  • Our chrome wraps for cars come with a top coating that is scratch resistant.
  • We also use chrome wraps that keep your car cool by reflecting the sun’s heat off the surface instead of absorbing it directly.
  • We have the knowledge and experience in wrapping all kinds of vehicles from sports cars to 4 x 4s. And, all our chrome wraps look stunning on each car.
  • Get head turning chrome wraps at an unbelievable price and extremely fast TAT

Call us or visit our website if you have something special in mind for your custom chrome wrap. Our consultants will answer all your questions and recommend the type of wrap that would look best for your car model.