Our Brushed Finish Wraps in NYC

The smartest and newest addition to our car wrap decals and products is our brushed finished wraps in NYC. At Signage2k, a sign company in NYC and Long Island NY, you get brushed finish car wraps in a range of colors that look unique, attractive and appealing, giving your car a finish that can’t be achieved with ordinary paintwork.

You can choose from colors like blue, gold, silver, black, aluminum and more. All of our brushed wraps for cars have a metallic appeal initially and a brushed effect on closer inspection.

We also offer custom brushed car wraps in different colors and to understand the difference, you have to see it in person once the installation is done. No matter what color you choose for your brushed finish car wraps, you get a super finish when you order from Signage2k. Our products are durable, last for years and will not show any signs of UV color fading.

Call us or visit our website if you want fast, easy and bubble-free brushed finish car wrap installations at an unbeatable price.