Elegance Meets Variety with Brass Plaques from Impact Signs

From basic corporate branding to complex photos with infilled paint colors, a brass plaque lends an elegant touch to every environment. Made to your exact specifications and to suit your specific purpose, brass door plaques and brass wall plaques from Impact Signs are custom designed to be eye-catching as well as informative.

Why Choose a Brass Plaque?

Whether you need photographic markers for exhibits at a museum or a corporate identity sign for the front of your building, a brass plaque lends itself well to interior and exterior use. If your project requires a substantial quantity of text in a limited amount of space, very small or detailed lettering, or a very small brass plaque, an etched brass plaque would be a good fit.

Plus, you get these options:

  • Available in a variety of thicknesses from 1/16” to 1/4″
  • Offered in any shape without additional fees
  • Can incorporate photographs for a personal touch
  • May use line, photo or chemically etched processing, so detailed designs and/or photos turn out beautifully
  • Your choice of satin or polished finishes for just the right look
  • Letters can be infilled with custom paint colors for added interest
  • Available with several borders to customize your brass plaque

What’s more, your brass plaque is:

  • Suitable for installation on doors or walls, indoors or out.
  • All brass plaques are coated with our extremely durable, oven-baked clear polyurethane to protect the surface of the plaque outdoors.
  • Guaranteed for life

Brass Goes Green

You’ll be glad to know Impact Signs is an environmentally sound company. Earth-friendly practices mean – whether you order brass door plaques or brass wall plaques – they will be produced without the use of alloys that contain lead and mercury.

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