Stair Re-entry Sign

Stair Re-entry Sign

Stair re-entry signs in NYC are generally used in office buildings and are displayed on the stair doors on each floor. At Signage2k, you get stair signs that are compliant with NY regulations for the safety and security of your staff in times of fire hazards and emergencies. Our re-entry stair signs get rid of any kind of confusion by showing accurate re-entry directions into your office building.

Our sign designers ensure that all our stair signs have bold font of at least half an inch for easy visibility. When it comes to the background and lettering, they are made in contrasting colors. Our re-entry stair signs are firmly attached and at a height approximately 5 feet above the floor.

Our Re-entry Store Sign Advantages

  • Choice of 10’’ X 9’’ plastic signs that you can post on each floor landing to convey vital re-entry locations.
  • Available in custom sizes as well
  • Signs can be customized based on floor level re-entry locations and staircase number.
  • Choice of luminous or non-luminous polished plastic
  • No confusion during an emergency as all our re-entry stair signs point towards the right direction.
  • Complaint with NY FDNY laws

Call us if you want quality stair re-entry signs in NYC at extremely fast turnaround times.