Sidewalk Closed Sign

Sidewalk Closed Sign

Sidewalk Closed Signs in NYC

Signage2k, a sign design company operating from New York City and Long Island NY is the one-stop shop for all types of sidewalk closed signs in NYC. Our signs let pedestrians know that certain parts of walkways are closed due to construction regulations. With us, you get custom sidewalk closed signs that are made from durable and first-rate materials holding up to inclement weather and adverse conditions.

Traffic safety signs are generally installed where there is some road or construction work is in progress. This is where we step in to provide high quality traffic safety and MUTCD signs for the safety of pedestrians. All our closed sidewalk signs are made from MUTCD compliant reflective aluminum sheeting.

Our Quick Sign Specs

  • Choice of 18’’ X 30’’ size or other custom sizes
  • Bold and black lettering on a white background
  • Durable and resistant to extreme weather conditions
  • Engineer grade materials

Visit our website or call us if you need sidewalk closed signs in NY and around for traffic and pedestrian safety.