Sidewalk Closed Cross Here

Sidewalk Closed Cross Here

Our Sidewalk Closed Cross Here Signs

When it comes to our sidewalk closed cross here signs in NYC, they are long-lasting, durable and resistant to harsh elements. Our products are made from the highest grade materials which imply that they will not be damaged easily despite of continuous outdoor use. At Signage2k, a sign company operating from NYC and Long Island NY, you get sidewalk closed signs offering maximum visibility to approaching traffic and pedestrians.

Our road closed cross here and stop signs clearly indicate to vehicles and pedestrians that sidewalks (beyond where the sign has been displayed) are closed and direct commuters to use sidewalks, crosswalks and travel paths that are open and safe. This way, our MUTCD signs help in avoiding traffic hazards and incidents.

With us, you get traffic warning and pedestrian crossing signs that are durable, MUTCD compliant and include words like ‘sidewalk closed cross here’, ‘cross safely here’ etc.

Sidewalk Closed Cross Here Sign Specs

  • Size options like 24’’ X 48’’ including custom sizes
  • MUTCD compliant
  • Durable and tough
  • Bold black lettering with a white background

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