Photoluminescent Tapes

Our Photoluminescent Tapes in NYC

Our photoluminescent tapes in NYC are used in emergency situations involving a smoke-laden condition or a blackout in your facility. At Signage2k, a professional sign company operating from NYC and Long Island NY, you get glow in the dark tapes and emergency egress signs that have the ability to absorb and store energy from ambient light. This way, our photoluminescent tape signs become instantly visible and show a safe and secure evacuation path to the occupants of your building or facility.

We provide photoluminescent tapes that can be easily affixed to handrails, walls, door frames, columns, baseboards and staircases. So, if you want easy to install, safe, NYC code compliant and durable photoluminescent exit tape signs, then look no further than Signage2k!

Why Our Photoluminescent Tapes?

  • All our photoluminescent exit sign tapes are tamper resistant.
  • Comes with a high quality adhesive that adhere perfectly to both flat and round surfaces (such as fire extinguishers, handrails and pipes)
  • All our glow sign tapes are approved for use in the city of New York.
  • Outstanding photo- luminescence. It glows brilliantly even in the dark and is longer lasting than ordinary evacuation or compliance signs.
Call us or visit our website if you want our high quality glow in the dark photoluminescent tapes for your facility in NYC.