Photoluminescent Step Marker

Photoluminescent Step Marker

We at Signage2k, based out of NYC and Long Island NY, have a wide range of photoluminescent step markers that glow in the dark and used in staircases and steps that become instantly visible even when the lighting system of your facility’s stairwell fails or becomes dim.

Our photoluminescent exit signs can be installed on either the right or left side of each step to show the route of exit easily during an emergency. With us, you get glow in the dark step markers that glimmer even during blackouts or smoke-laden situations as they absorb and store energy from available ambient light, making emergency exit paths clearly visible.

Our Photoluminescent Step Marker Benefits

  • Anti-slip markers and available in a thin adhesive backing
  • Made from the best materials
  • Complaint with NYC Department of Buildings and rules and regulations
  • Prevent accidents during evacuation
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