Photoluminescent Interior Signs

Photoluminescent Interior Signs

Are you looking for photoluminescent interior exit signs in NYC and around? If yes, then you have landed on the right page! We at Signage2k, operating from NYC and Long Island NY, offer a range of interior directional emergency signs that are not only code compliant with NY laws but also designed to protect your building’s staff when an emergency evacuation becomes mandatory due to fire hazards or smoke-laden incidents.

Our interior photoluminescent exit signs provide the maximum photoluminescent performance that not only keep your occupants safe but also maintain the upscale appearance of your building’s interiors. All our emergency exit signs are made from the best quality materials and do not fade, discolor or diminish in glow.

Our Photoluminescent Interior Sign Features

  • Top quality photoluminescent background with maximum brightness for easy visibility during emergency evacuations and even during blackouts.
  • Choose from our wide range of photoluminescent interior signs including running man signs, door handle push signs, fire exit signs, no exit signs, emergency evacuation route signs and so on.
  • Rich and stylish look complementing your upscale interiors
  • Photoluminescent pigments glow more brightly than traditional exit signs
  • All our photoluminescent signs for interior store ambient energy to show instantly visible illuminated exit paths.
  • Letter height of 6’’ that makes visibility easier even from a distance
  • Highly visible green exit signs with a photoluminescent background

Get in touch with us if you need photoluminescent emergency exit signs in NYC at affordable prices and unbelievably fast turnaround times.