Photoluminescent Exit Signs

Our Photoluminescent Exit Signs in NYC

At Signage2k, you get photoluminescent exit signs in NYC that require no electrical or battery power to function. These products have the ability to absorb and store energy from normal ambient light.

We are a leading sign company operating from NYC and Long Island NY, and all our emergency exit signs glow in the dark via photoluminescence.

When it comes to our lighted exit signs, they are extremely easy to install since they do not need any access to any outlet, conduit, or the services of a professional electrician. This means that all our photoluminescent exit code signs can be effortlessly installed at minimum installation costs.

In an event of any fire hazard, blackout, smoke-laden incidents or any other emergencies, our photoluminescent fire exit signs become instantly visible, and provide a safe, secure and an illuminated evacuation route to move all the occupants out of your facility efficiently. Since these lighted exit signs require no power, they can be easily installed at any place within your facility.

Our photoluminescent Exit Sign Advantages

  • Choice of diverse aluminum photoluminescent emergency exit signs
  • Made from finest and durable materials offering stability and longevity
  • Lightweight
  • Extremely resistant to heat

Call us or visit our website if you need photoluminescent exit signs in an extremely fast turnaround time.