Pedestrian Crosswalk Sign- Custom Sizes Available

Pedestrian Crosswalk Sign- Custom Sizes Available

Our Pedestrian Crosswalk Signs Prevent Accidents

Walking along or near busy and high-traffic roadways can prove perilous for pedestrians. The chances of accidents are even more when there is a dearth of sufficient pedestrian crossings. Prevent injuries, accidents or incidents from happening in the vicinity and around your facility by using our pedestrian crosswalk signs in NYC.

Reports show that thousands are injured or killed due to traffic related accidents. At Signage2k, based out of NYC and Long Island NY, you get pedestrian crossing signs with designs, colors and messages that warn people when they are approaching zones that are prone to incidents or areas with huge number of pedestrians and high traffic.

Our crosswalk signs are versatile and can be used near schools, construction sites and related businesses. With the help of our highly visible crosswalk safety signs, commuters on the road can cross busy streets when crosswalks are rightly identified. Motorists can slow down their vehicle speed and stop for the pedestrians to cross the road safely.

Our Pedestrian Crossing Sign Specs

  • Available in a number of sizes including custom sizes
  • Extremely visible even from a distance
  • Available in bold, black lettering with a white background
  • Made from durable materials
  • Resistant to rough weather and abrasive elements

Why Choose our Pedestrian Crossing Signs?

  • Our pedestrian signs keep pedestrians and drivers alert and safe from accidents.
  • All products are MUTCD compliant.
  • Prevent incidents near your facility with our crosswalk signs
  • We offer an array of pedestrian crosswalk signs suited for any location including schools, intersection points where people are allowed to cross roads, construction job sites and high traffic zones.
  • Our signs are of the best quality and available in reflective materials.
  • All crosswalk safety signs are tested and approved.
Give us a call or visit our website if you are looking for high impact pedestrian crosswalk signs in NYC and around.