Owner/Contractor Information Sign

Owner/Contractor Information Sign

Our Owner/Contractor Information Signs are DOB Compliant

When it comes to construction job sites in NYC, they are required to put up owner and contractor information signs that must comply with the most stringent requirements as enforced by the NYC Department of Buildings (DOB).

In New York City, rules pertaining to constructions are very rigid as far as contractor information signs are concerned. So, if these signs are not posted as per the guidelines, it may lead to fees and penalties. This is when Signage2k, based out of NYC and Long Island NY, come to the rescue of all contractors. We design property owner information signs professionally and ensure that you have the right details displayed as per the NYC building codes. Our craftsmen have the expertise of designing a variety of contractor signs but not limited to new construction, remodeling and renovation contracts.

Why Choose Our Contractor Information Signs?

  • All our contractor information signs include the name of the property, phone number details and present address of the contractor.
  • Compliant with DOB laws, our contractor information sign products are installed not higher than 12 feet from the ground.
  • Our craftsmen and designers integrate black lettering and a white background to make all signs acquiescent to DOB rules. The letters are not less than 6 inches in height and are clearly visible without any obstruction.
  • We have been designing contractor signs for more than 30 years, and therefore know what exactly construction teams in NYC need.
  • We have the adeptness of making different contractor signs for different construction sites.
  • We have an edge over our competitors as all our craftsmen and installers are aware of the new and changing laws of the NYC DOB.
  • Contact us if you need appropriate contractor information signs in NYC in adherence to DOB laws without being penalized.