Open Shaft Danger Signs

Our Open Shaft Danger Signs for Risky Work Zones

Our open shaft danger signs in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx and Staten Island are a must for all work zones where an open shaft may cause injuries or even pose a threat to human life. All building construction companies use such construction safety signs to keep visitors and employees informed of all impending perils.

At Signage2k, you get workplace safety signs fabricated from quality and long-lasting materials that can prevent the harsh elements from affecting construction job sites and signs. We include the word ‘Danger’ in white letters on an oval-shaped display to warn workers and visitors from accident prone areas within the construction site.

As a safety sign company in New York City and Long Island NY, we use outsized construction site safety signs that are highly visible to warn visitors and employees to keep away from perilous zones.

Our elevator shaft signs are extremely useful because elevator shafts can prove fatal, when open or when people are working on it. We use the right color schemes and graphics to make signs noticeable, and also help in apprising workers of the risks of working around such shafts.

Why Our Open Shaft Danger Signs?

  • Our hazard warning signs are available in different shapes yet adhere to NYC rules and regulations.
  • Designs that are highly visible and signs bigger than standard sizes for maximum visibility
  • Made from durable materials that are resistant to heat, wear and tear, fading and shrinking
  • You can opt for reflective aluminum if you are looking for extra toughness; and resistant safety signs that can stand corrosion.
So, if you want open shaft signs in NYC to prevent injuries or accidents in a hazardous job site, feel free to call us or visit our website.