NY No Smoking Signs

NY No Smoking Signs

Our No Smoking Signs in NY are Versatile & Comply with State Laws

Are you unable to find no smoking signs in NY that fail to meet your company’s safety needs? All your worries end here because, we at Signage2k design custom no smoking signs, adding the right colors, specific messages and eye-catching designs that not only meet job site safety requirements but also comply with state laws.

Our stop smoking signs let workers and visitors know that smoking cigarettes is prohibited in construction job sites. All our signs are versatile, long lasting, made to fit customer specifications, and conform to NY State laws.

Whether it is your construction job site, school, office, hospital or any other building, our nonsmoking signs indicate zones within your business premises, where smoking is strictly prohibited. Our fire safety signs are durable, made from UV plastic, and have the words ‘NO SMOKING’ in bold colors and letters that are easily noticeable.

Why Choose Our Custom No Smoking Signs?

  • Easily readable and quickly noticeable
  • Get perspective color picture of your proposed no smoking sign, and get to know what the final product would look like.
  • Pick from a wide range of materials and sizes
  • All our no smoking signs are compliant with state regulations
  • Display smoking policies for workers and visitors
  • Prices that are unbeatable and fast TAT
Call us or visit our website if you are looking for NY State compliant and versatile no smoking signs at the most competitive rates.