No Smoking or Open Flame Danger Signs

Our No Smoking or Open Flame Danger Signs Keep Your Facility Safe

Our no smoking signs or open flame danger signs in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx or Staten Island help businesses apply ‘no smoking’ regulations which are becoming more stringent by every passing day. This is an effort on the part of employers to keep their employees safe within the precincts of their workspace or public areas.
When it comes to our no smoking or open flame signs in NYC, they help in keeping every employee safe by demarcating zones where smoking is prohibited. We design printable no smoking signs that comply with the smoking rules and regulations in New York. With us, you get different types of no smoking labels in a wide-ranging materials and sizes suitable for outdoor and indoor use.     
At Signage2k, you get stop smoking signs that are suitable for use in offices, retail locations, restaurants, bars, theaters, and so on. Display our outdoor no smoking signs in adherence to local laws to warn visitors and employees to avoid smoking cigarettes in designated areas or around combustible materials.

What Makes Our No Smoking Signs Different?

  • We use signs that are easy to read and have bright colors to attract instant attention.
  • Available in different compositions and sizes to meet your compliance and budget needs
  • Choose high quality peel and stick no smoking warning labels that can be used anywhere for constant reminder.
  • Our products are made from durable materials that are resistant to chemicals, abrasion, splashes, weather, and wash-downs.
  • Choose from traditional no smoking signs to modern ones that are easily noticed.
So, when you are keen on getting your no smoking message across to your employees, and keeping your workplace safe, we have the sign that you exactly need. Feel free to call us or visit our website.