Men Working Above Danger Signs

Men Working above Danger Signs in New York City and Long Island NY

Our men working above danger signs in Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and Staten Island are specially designed to warn people against the type, potential and the degree of an accident or hazard that may result in injuries and damage of property. We are a signage company based out of NYC and Long Island NY, and our men working signs in NYC smartly define specific hazards by conveying a strong, clear and easy to understand message. We incorporate the header colors and designs in compliance with the rules laid down by OSHA. This is important to highlight the severity of a particular hazard. Each of the colors that we incorporate has a specific role to play.

While designing construction site signs, we adhere to the OSHA format ‘MEN WORKING ABOVE’ signage rules. The symbols and text used make your message very clear to visitors, workers and inspectors.

Why Our Safety Signs?

  • Irrespective of the fact that your workers are working above or below, our custom construction signs remind visitors and staffs to stay watchful of temporary structures and to watch out for heavy, falling rubble (stones, bricks) that may injure workers or visitors seriously. Our men working above signs in NYC help avert severe accidents and ensure that people working in the vicinity of a construction site are aware of impending dangers.
  • Our construction signage come in a variety of materials including plastic signs and laminated vinyl labels. So, you can choose the right product based on your needs and budget.
  • All our danger signs are durable and chemical, UV, moisture and abrasion resistant.
  • You can choose from our safety sign labels that come with a self-adhesive backing. You only need to peel and stick.
  • Our signs come in varied sizes and colors that are highly noticeable
Give us a call or visit our website if you need men working above signage in New York to prevent serious injuries or fatalities.