Fire Escape Signs

Our Fire Escape Signs Save Lives

Our fire escape signs in NYC display safety information telling building occupants where they must go or move to when a fire breaks out. We at Signage2k, operating from NYC and Long Island NY offer a myriad of fire escape signs, evacuation signs and other fire safety signs that show employees, visitors and general public the easiest, quickest and shortest route to exit your building or facility.

When it comes to our fire escape route signs, they are available in a number of designs that suit your building safety needs. From illuminated fire and exit signs to glow in the dark stairwell signs and to fire extinguisher signs, you can choose signage products that meet your precise needs.

All our emergency fire exit signs are compliant with NY fire regulations, and are clearly marked on doors and stairwells. Signage2k’s fire safety signs come in an array of shapes, sizes and styles including Photoluminescent exit signs that guide people even when your building lighting is compromised.

What Clients Like Our Fire Exit Signs?

  • Our fire hazard signs direct people to the right emergency exits and mark all escape and exit routes.
  • All our safety fire signage products are OSHA compliant as well as with the building code of the United States.
  • The image of a running man is clear on all our signs with an arrow pointing to the exit.
  • Our fire exit signs come in green color with the letters FIRE EXIT indicated clearly.

Call us or visit our website if you want to keep your employees safe in times of a fire emergency with our fire escape signs in NYC.