Egress Signs

Our Egress Signs in NYC

We at Signage2k, based out of NYC and Long Island NY, offer an array of egress signs that improve your facility’s exit ways, thus making them safer for the building occupants to exit during emergency situations like fire hazards or any other incidents. Our photoluminescent egress signs in NYC are so meticulously designed that it makes evacuation simple by keeping all employees safe and moving them out of the building in an organized manner without creating panic and pandemonium.

We have the expertise to design, manufacture and deliver just about any egress signage, safety labels, safety signs or safety markings to meet the safety and security needs of your building in times of emergency.

Why Choose Our Egress Signs?

  • Our egress lighting signs can be easily affixed to doors and walls with the help of a strong adhesive.
  • All our emergency exit signs have been accepted by several clients as great lifesaving tools. This helps fire fighters get easy access even in case of blackouts and darkness. Our signs glow in the dark and thus help occupants ascertain where they exactly are.
  • With us, you get egress signs that are non-toxic and even glow in darkness requiring no wiring and electricity. These products have the ability to absorb and store energy from normal ambient light.
  • All our signs will continue to glow in the dark showing employees the way to safest exit routes.

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