ADA Braille EXIT Signs

ADA Braille EXIT Signs

Businesses, offices and public buildings in the United States of America need to have ADA Braille Exit signs for the safety of people with disabilities, especially those with visual impairment. These safety signs help such people access offices and public buildings easily.

Our ADA Braille exit signs in NYC help visually impaired persons find out the accurate exit routes in times of emergency. We at Signage2k based out of NYC and Long Island NY, ensure that your office doors and stairwells are marked with appropriate tactile exit signs to help people with visual deficiency take an exit route right away. We also help you mark your evacuation assembly zones with our ADA compliant Braille signs.

All our ADA Braille signs are made using white on blue colors with the words EXIT clearly indicated. With us, you get emergency exit signs that are attractive, durable and functional. Our Braille Exit and directional sign products lessen fear, panic and frustration in emergency situations, and are great life savers.

Why Our ADA Braille Exit Signs?

  • Our exit signs with Braille guide your building’s occupants to safe zones in a visually attractive manner.
  • Complies with ADA and ADAAG regulations
  • Our products are versatile and can be used in buildings, offices, libraries, schools, government offices and more.
  • You can choose from matte finish for maximum visibility

Get in touch with us if you want our ADA Braille signs for the safety of your employees in NY.