Our Anodized Plate Printing

Our anodized plate printing signs are a cost-effective alternative to conventional engraving done by a mechanical process, laser or acid etched process. That’s because our anodized plate printing in NYC and Long Island NY is in fact a high quality photographically printed metal and is much lightweight than metallic brass or wood.

At Signage2k, you get anodized plate printing signs that not only give you traditional black text over a satin and matte finish brass-like background but you also get your original logo with its color impeccably printed on the plate. Additionally, you can also have any possible image or background color of your choice.

When it comes to our anodized plate printing signage, one-eighth or one-sixteenth non-glare, clear or metallic acrylic is used. In this process, a photographic image is moved to the second surface via ‘heat transfer printing’ on plates. For a greater contrast, a background color is added to get that immaculate look.

Call us if you want anodized plate print signs with the text, colors and image incorporated to give your business sign a professional look. Our craftsmen will make sure that the sharpness of the image will pop out on the plate.