Our Engraved Slider Signs in NYC

Our engraved slider signs in NYC are perfect to show the availability of your office conference rooms with ‘Available’ or ‘Unavailable’ tabs. As a reputed sign company In NYC and Long Island NY, we excel in manufacturing professional conference room slider signs which can be customized with engraved text of your choice, personnel title and room name. You can also customize the ‘In session’ and ‘In/Out’ areas.

Our custom engraved slider signs have a contemporary look and feel, and smartly display the availability of any meeting room, area or office conference room effectively.

Who Can Use Our Custom Slider Signs?

Our custom slider signs can be used by corporate houses, doctors, military offices, interior design firms, hospitals, dental offices, real estate companies, law firms, medical facilities and other professional offices to exude a contemporary, professional feel and help in your brand implementation.

Why Our Engraved Slider Signs are the Best?

  • Custom made slider signs that help in the easy management of busy meeting or conference rooms
  • Choose from a wide range of colors to match with your office walls, carpet or any other décor.
  • Our conference or meeting room slider signs aptly read ‘In use’ or ‘Vacant’, thus eliminating undesired intrusions, interruptions and knocks.
  • Safe, secure installation and mounting
  • Messages can be easily changed by simply sliding the engraved panel to the left to display ‘In use’ or ‘Vacant’ as required.

Call our engraved slider sign experts if you have any questions to ask.