Our Engraved Name Plates Signify Positions!

Employees in offices and organizations consider their title and designations very important. That’s because it is the name plates on which their titles and positions are displayed. This is where the importance of our engraved name plates in NYC comes into play. Our engraved desk name plates are designed to perfection and include an employee’s name and designation to remind him or her of the position within the company and how much effort or hard work he/she has exerted to achieve that designation or title.

When it comes to our custom engraved name plates, they not only signify an employee’s importance to team members and colleagues but also to existing and potential clients who visit your organization.

At Signage2k, a professional sign company operating from NYC and Long Island NY, you get personalized names plates in a range of colors, designs and engravings to add zing and style to your overall office ambience.

Having more than 30 years of experience in the sign design industry, we not only make signs but also help in your brand implementation efforts. With engraved name plates for desk, you can show how much your company values performing employees and how it appreciates those who deserve the accolades. They speak well about your organization’s culture.

Why Our Engraved Name Plates?

  • Names, positions and titles are engraved including intricate detailing, design and bordering
  • Choose from a range of products including plastic engraved name plates, aluminum, steel, brass and copper.
  • Our custom engraved name plates are designed with names, positions, titles and additional details pertaining to promotion.
  • Choice of different colors and styles to truly personalize your desk

Call our engraved name plate consultants if you want a special name plate for your boss or any other dedicated resource.