Our Custom Plastic Signs are Easy to Read & Understand

Signage2k, a professional sign company operating from NYC and Long Island NY, offers custom engraved plastic signs that are designed using eye-catching graphics and contrasting colors. Our sign designers and craftsmen ensure that your business signs are easily readable and understandable.

With us, you get a plethora of engraved custom-made plastic signs that benefit you in terms of brand implementation, complimenting your office ambience and décor, and aptly communicating your brand message. It is brand implementation that we specialize in when it comes to designing plastic sign letters for your business. We have helped several clients meet their branding goals in NYC and its boroughs of Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and Staten Island.

What Makes Our Custom Plastic Signs Popular?

  • Our professionally designed plastic engraved signs are sure to make a mark! That’s because our custom engraved nameplates and door signs perfect for the purpose of identification.
  • Choose from a range of colors and designs
  • Our custom plastic signs are versatile and meet the branding needs of businesses, professionals, organizations, institutions and the government.
  • Our custom engraved plastic signs are lightweight and suitable for exterior as well as interior identification purposes.
  • Make the most out of our laser engraving technique for directional, identification and informational signs. Our custom plastic signs are also ideal for machine labels, door signs and room letters and numbers.
  • Get engraved dimensional finish for all your plastic signs with a super custom look and that too at an unbeatable price!
  • All our custom plastic signs are easy to install and delivered fast.

Call us to learn more about our custom engraved plastic signs for your brand implementation.