Our Beautiful Metal Plaques Venerate, Memorialize and Commemorate!

No ordinary sign products can match the beauty, exquisiteness and durability of our metal plaques for paying an enduring tribute. We have the creative prowess to create bronze plaques in NYC and Long Island NY to dramatize images, corporate logos, remember an event, or honor a person for his or her outstanding achievements. As a signage company in New York City and service areas including Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx and Staten Island, we craft custom metal plaques that are designed with different letters, styles, images, sizes and finishes.

Whether you want to memorialize parks and military bases or identify landmarks and buildings, our first-rate metal plaques serve our clients’ purpose with perfection and permanence.

Be it intricate etching work or getting the classic appeal of cast metal, you are assured of receiving a one-of-kind metal plaque sign that you would love to display with or without a picture.

Why Our Metal Plaques?

  • A variety of designs, shape at no extra cost
  • Bronze or brass plaques in a variety of thickness
  • Fast turnaround time
  • You have the liberty to choose colors, textures, borders and finishes
  • Pictures for cast metal and engraved plaques

Popular Plaques You Can Choose from

Memorial Plaques: If you wish to mark any building, park, event, or pay tribute to any person with words like “In reminiscence of”, you have to do it with ultimate sophistication using our custom metal plaques.

Military Plaques: We have the ability to design some of the most striking seals and markers for air force, navy, army and marine bases.

Donor Plaques: Whether it is metal wall plaques or individual plaques, our design team knows about some of the creative ways to revere the donors who helped you made progress.

Dedication Plaques: Our dedication plaques are meant to express your heartfelt gratitude to those who helped your business expand with enduring metal plaques for all to see.

Bronze Plaques: Our popular cast metal bronze plaques make an impressive statement of honor, history, and striking good looks.

Brass Plaques: When it comes to our brass plaques, they are etched with intricate detailing, paint-filled lettering and polished finishing.   

So, if you want to memorialize a building or remember a notable person contributing to your success, get in touch with our signage experts to choose the best metal plaque.