Our Contemporary Brass Signs Build Trust and Confidence

Signage2k based out of New York City and Long Island NY offers unique brass signs that are preferred by law offices, banks, and corporate houses that must exude extreme trust, confidence and professionalism. Whether it is the originality of radiantly polished brass or the tradition represented by a brushed satin finishing, our brass signs in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx and Staten Island undeniably convey assurance, integrity and credibility of your business.

With us, you get brass signage of diverse style and design featuring descriptions, names, business message, goals, vision, and sayings. Our customized brass signs are ideal for offices, restaurant, hotels and public buildings.

Our talented craftsmen devote individual attention and great care to every custom brass sign. Each brass name plate or brass logo sign is meticulously hand-polished to render a time-aged appeal and then polished heavily to delay tarnishing.

What Makes Our Brass Signs Different?

  • We promise a professional look and feel for any office lobby, executive offices or corporate door.
  • Our contemporary brass name plates and office signs give your interior décor a touch of style and depth.
  • We are accommodating enough for custom design personalization of letters and logos based on client request, and at no exorbitant rates!
  • We incorporate any text that clients desire for their offices, lobbies, employee names, conference rooms, and so on.
  • Our specialized and architectural office interior signs are most liked by interior designers, law firms, offices, dental clinics, and other medical facilities.
  • Our brass signs are perfect for office doors, big lobbies, conference rooms, and businesses requiring style and gravity in their signage solutions.
  • Protective coating to provide durability and lessen maintenance costs
  • We design brass signs that have the ability to lift client confidence.
  • Artistic mounting that makes your office brass sign stand out

If uncompromised quality and impeccable workmanship are your priorities, Signage2k is the sign company for you. Visit our website or get in touch with us for further details.