Give Your Office Lobby a Professional Look with Our Acrylic Signs

As an acrylic sign company in New York City and Long Island NY, we provide acrylic sign letters that are extremely flexible in style and functionality. The impression your customers have of your business is heightened manifold because your brand image is reinforced through our immaculately designed clear or frosted acrylic signs and logos in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx & Staten Island.

Our custom acrylic sign products are a remarkable addition to your office lobby and features clean and lustrous material mixed with brilliant, beautiful colors, giving you an edge over your competitors.

Acrylic Signs Come with These Options

Cut Acrylic Logo Signs: Your brand’s logo can be laser cut from finest acrylic sheets, painted according to your choice of colors, and wall-mounted to float every letter from the wall.

Individual Acrylic Letters: Individual acrylic letters can be mounted to your lobby wall directly or spacers can be incorporated to float the sign. When it comes to individual acrylic letters, they create a shadow effect, attract attention and add depth.

Acrylic and Metal Panels: We can help you install your sign on a metal or acrylic panel and increase dimension and depth to offer an inimitable appearance. We ensure that each letter is assembled with perfection on the panel and which can be designed from an array of colors, materials and finishes.

Illuminated Acrylic Signs: We can design custom-made acrylic signs that can be backlit with LEDs. Our craftsmen will ensure that the feel of fine artwork is evoked as if hung in a large gallery.

Stand-off Hardware: You can also opt for diverse architectural stand-off hardware in brushed brass or stainless steel. It can be used effectively to install your acrylic signs and logos.

Why Our Acrylic Signs are Unique?

  • With us, you get cut-to-shape products to flaunt your business logo in style.
  • You can opt for our individual acrylic lettering that can be easily attached to your lobby wall or floated. This gives your message a dynamic look.
  • We also add a metal laminate to clients’ acrylic signs to provide a sophisticated look and feel.
  • We offer quality products, competitive pricing and outstanding service to turn your vision into reality.

So, if you are looking forward to reap the maximum benefits out of custom acrylic signs and acrylic sign holders, feel free to call us and get a quote.