Our Engraved Plaques in NYC and Long Island NY for Businesses & Organizations

A custom engraved plaque is a great way to felicitate an achievement or a perfect way to say, ‘A Task Well Done’. At Signage2k, based out NYC and Long Island NY, our skilled engravers help you design engraved plaques to convey heartfelt gratitude, remember an event or celebrate an achievement. With a myriad of engraved plaques in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx and Staten Island, you can choose from the simple to the sensational metal trophies, commemorations, or any other honorable signs for organizations across the United States.

engraved-aluminumConsider our laser engraved plaques if you want a truly distinguishing look. You can choose from anodized aluminum, engraved brass memorial plaques, polished granite or laser engraved stainless steel products. Our custom-made plaques can integrate fine text as well as photographic detailing to make them a cut above the rest.

Aluminum Plaques

We use first-rate aluminum alloy which is laser-cut to your desired shape or size before anodizing. You can select your anodized color which is then embedded into the metal. Thereafter, the artwork is laser inscribed on the surface of aluminum several inches deeper to add a wonderful contrast to the product. You can pick from numerous anodized colors and polished or brushed finishes.

Anodized Colors

  • Brushed Gold Anodized Aluminum

    Gold Anodized

  • Polished Gold Anodized Aluminum

    Polished Gold Anodized

  • Brushed Black Anodized Aluminum

    Black Anodized

  • Polished Black Anodized Aluminum

    Polished Black Anodized

  • Brushed Bronze Anodized Aluminum

    Medium Bronze Anodized

  • Polished Bronze Anodized Aluminum

    Polished Medium Bronze Anodized

  • Brushed Dark Bronze Anodized Aluminum

    Dark Bronze Anodized

  • Polished Dark Anodized Aluminum

    Polished Dark Bronze Anodized

Engraved Brass Memorial Plaques

EngravedGraniteEvermoreIf you want an engraved memorial plaque designed, then brass is the material for you. Generally, they come with an engraved script font with letters that are unpainted. However, you can also choose from other fonts and letters as high as 10mm and colors such as white, black, blue, orange, green, red or yellow.

Laser Engraved Stainless Steel

Strong and durable stainless steel can serve as quality memorial plaques. When it comes to stainless steel laser engraved plaques, the lettering is not inscribed but the black finishing round the lettering. The lettering can be reduced and the images or logos can be much more elaborate. You can also incorporate quality photos onto it.

Opt for our engraved plaques because we understand the significance of paying tributes, recognizing an achievement or remembering an event. It is this understanding and attention that gives shape to our custom engraved plaques. Call us to get a free quote.