Standard Borders

Border finish matches plaque artwork. Other borders are available. Please call for a quote.

  • No Border

    No Border

  • No Border Bevel

    No Border Bevel

  • Single Line Border

    Single Line
    1/4″ for plaques smaller than 12″ x 18″; 3/8″ for larger plaques

  • singlelinebevel

    Single Line Bevel

  • Single Line Wide Bevel Border

    Single Line Wide Bevel

  • Double Line Border

    Double Line

  • Double Line Bevel Border

    Double Line Bevel

  • doublelinewidebevel

    Double Line Wide Bevel

  • Inset Single Line Border

    Inset Single Line

  • Inset Single Line Bevel

    Inset Single Line Bevel

  • Inset Double Line Border

    Inset Double Line

  • Inset Double Line Bevel Border

    Inset Double Line Bevel

  • Projected Bevel Border

    Projected Bevel

Custom Borders

These decorative borders are available for an additional charge. Other borders are also available. Please call for a quote.

  • jewel


  • ivy


  • adam


  • greek-key

    Greek Key

Background Textures

  • leatherette


  • stipple


  • sand


  • pebble


  • classic-leather

    Classic Leather
    Cast only


You can choose from these or any standard Gemini typestyle.
Note: Times New Roman, Bookman Old Style and Myriad can be made as small as 1/4″ all upper case or 3/8″ upper/lower case.

  • Times New Roman Preview
  • Bookman Preview
  • Lucida Calligraphy Preview
  • Arial Preview
  • Myriad Preview
  • Optima Preview