Our ADA & Wayfinding Plaques in New York City and Long Island NY

All our ADA and wayfinding plaques in New York City and Long Island NY are made and designed keeping in mind the special needs of Americans with disabilities. Our ADA signs in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx and Staten Island are manufactured from robust metal to provide clients with quality products that don’t crack or chip like ordinary photopolymers and acrylic. You can opt for base metal, different color combinations, and 1200 dpi photographic images that will look good on the plaque surface.

Be it ADA restroom signs or healthcare wayfinding plaques, our products offer style, beauty and compliance. Unlike other directional signage, our patent-pending process neither makes use of loose beads for the Braille component nor counts on inaccurate and non-compliant castings. Consequently, our final products are appealing and serve as effective directional signage for disabled Americans.

Why Our ADA & Wayfinding Sign Design?

One Piece All Metal Product: Our ADA sign experts create wayfinding plaques that are made from single piece all metal construction. This implies that the Braille, copy, design components and emblem are all integrated in the plaque. The final product will never crack or have missing Braille lettering or indicia, making our plaques exceptionally miscreant-resistant with powder coating.

Satin Metal Finishing: One of the remarkable features of our wayfinding plaque is their capability to have an elevated satin copy. The impeccable stain brushed finish gives your directional ADA plaques a classic and upscale look that perfectly match with the other décor elements or other metal plaques used by you.

Made-to-order Shapes: All our wayfinding plaques are custom-built and not made as per one size fits all. With Signage2k, you not only get the liberty to choose the color and image of ADA plaques but can also decide on the overall shape of each of the products.

Full Color Options: With us, you get full color, high resolution printing to deliver an end product that can be totally customized to meet your requirements. With our up-to-the-minute printing process, clients can get up to a maximum of 1200 dpi resolution. You can pick any color for the painted and raised copy. However, our designers will ensure that that the color selected provides adequate contract to comply with ADA guidelines for visibility.

Powder Coat for Miscreant Resistant ADA Plaques: Whether you want a single color, full color or metallic finish, all our ADA and wayfinding plaques in New York are protected by a miscreant-resistant powder coat finishing. This defensive power coat is not only inviolable and impregnable but also resistant to normal wear and tear under ordinary surroundings.

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