Our Plastic Formed Letters Offer Maximum Versatility

Our plastic formed letters in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx and Staten Island are made from premium quality materials at the best price. The cost-effective molds make it easier for you to custom design your brand logo or lettering style to get the perfect look. With formed plastic dimensional letters, you get round, prismatic, flat and sculptured faces.

When it comes to our formed plastic dimensional lettering, they are not only appealing but also available in diverse forms – from conventional font styles to script and decorative styles. Our design process is so unique that that each of the letters reflects light in their individual way.

Formed Plastic Fonts: Our formed plastic letters for signs in NYC and Long Island NY are available in a myriad of fonts. You can also choose the desired impact you wish to achieve.

Mounting Options: Several installation and mounting options are available based on your business needs.

Colors: Our formed plastic logos and letters are available in a variety of colors. You can also opt for paint colors so that the lettering can be given the desired impact matching your design parameters.

Letter Sizes: You can choose from uppercase or lowercase letters based on your requirements.

Why Our Plastic Formed Letters?

  • Hundreds of font styles and several standard colors
  • Durable enough to fight the harshest of conditions
  • Logo and letter customization is easy and budget-friendly
  • The letters are designed from eco-friendly materials last a lifetime
  • Custom paint color to match your design needs
  • Easy installation for any mounting options
  • Our plastic logos and letters are ideal for gold-leafing if you want a metallic look and feel
  • Our formed plastic letters are resistant to fading
If you are looking for formed plastic letters in NYC, Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan, feel free to request a quote.