Our Dimensional Plastic Letters are Top Quality Perfected Products

When stores, companies or businesses think of plastic dimensional wall letters, they have a picture of something too decorative and gaudy. This is not always the thumb rule when it comes to our wall letters in NYC and Long Island NY. With us, you get plastic dimensional letters in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx and Staten Island that are simple, yet elegant and of the best quality.

Be it large plastic letters or small, we design smooth edges, neat lines and a surface which is completely unblemished. We recommend formed plastic letters because they are popular as well as long lasting.

Why Our Plastic Sign Letters?

  • Our dimensional plastic wall letters are suitable for most of the local establishments in New York including financial institutions, retail outlets and office parks.
  • Our plastic signs are made of first-rate formed plastic and injection molded letters.
  • At Signage2k, you get custom-made plastic letters that are suitable for businesses that want stylish, colorful sign letters to display their brand name and products in a professional way. Whether it’s an apparel store, gift shop, a doctor’s or an accountant’s office, school or an insurance firm – we have the perfect product lineup for all!
  • We can even decorate your office reception area with eco-friendly and affordable plastic sign letters.
  • Our molding process is one-off and makes it extremely easier to custom design your company’s logo or lettering style.
  • Our materials are durable, stand the test of time, and give a lifelike appearance with custom design and color.
  • Our plastic letters can also be backlit with LEDs to make your brand message and logo stand out even during the night. It’s like a salesman who never sleeps!
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